Made in Italy certification

Chicca Orlando's manufacturing virtuosity, its uncompromising standards and impeccable

finishing touches are all part of its 100% Italian-made products.

Chicca Orlando is 100% Made in Italy certified. This certification is awarded only at the end

of a preliminary auditing process by the Istituto di Tutela dei Produttori Italiani (Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers).

To be awarded IT01 100% Qualità Italiana certification, the products must guarantee a number of essential factors, i.e.:

-Designed and made entirely in Italy
-Made from the company's exclusive designing and drawings
-Wholly made in Italy
-Made with Italian semi-finished goods
-Made with good-quality, natural materials
-Made using typically traditional techniques
-Using techniques typical of the company and typically traditional techniques
-Made in accordance with labour, health and safety regulations


Each article bears a special label to certify the authenticity of every piece.
The logo embroidered onto our luxury fabrics is another sign of authenticity.

A metal label is fixed inside and on the back of each piece of furniture as a further guarantee of the product's authenticity.
Certification is awarded in accordance with all the parameters required under Italian law.